Vol. 11 Num. 2

Covey Rise

Vol. 11 Num. 2

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    The thing about life is that we never know where it’s going to take us, literally and figuratively. Whether it be new destinations, new friends, new job opportunities, or any new experience, it’s practically guaranteed that the journey through life will take some unexpected turns. 

    A slew of epicurean possibilities is explored at Brush Creek Ranch before an examination of Richard Kessler’s endeavors in the world of hospitality. Next, go from past to present while imagining the continuing future of Federal Ammunition before journeying into the American West with Chef Giovanni Lanzante. Finally, travel to India and the United Kingdom to discover a shooting car with a storied (and royal!) past and end this upland voyage by indulging in the story of one pup’s passion for birdhunting.

    So, pack your bags! In this issue of Covey Rise, we take a trip around the world in 116 pages, and we invite you to join us.


    Brush Creek Ranch: Wyoming's corner of possibilities

    Richard Kessler: Using dollars and senses to move the needle

    Federal Ammunition: A century strong and counting

    Giovanni Lanzante Goes West: Finding inspiration and purpose far from his old-world roots

    The Patiala Silver Ghost: A Maharaja's magnificent shooting car, restored

    Morning Call: Life changes and enduring traditions


    Cover by John Hafner

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