Vol. 3 Num. 3
Covey Rise

Vol. 3 Num. 3

Covey Rise


Vol. 3 Num. 2 - April/May 2015

True artists make life more pleasing and pleasurable, often simply by making us feel happier and better about ourselves through their art. Whether we gaze at framed art hanging on the wall, wear it on our backs, store it in a gun case, serve it for dinner, or appreciate it surrounding us while at a lodge—Covey Rise offers up stories on each in our April-May 2015 issue.

First is a visit to Hageman Reserve in Texas, a new private-club frontier offering top-quality accommodations in an opulent, 65,000 square foot lodge that resembles a French chateau. The Hageman family’s guiding principle is leave it better than you found it—and they’ve endeavored to create a sporting club that has guests feeling immersed in an artistic environment—with top-flight wingshooting of course.

Bespoke clothes made at the expert hands of a Savile Row trained tailor such as Leonard Logsdail transform your wardrobe into functional art. “The process begins with a meeting in Leonard’s comfortable fitting room in New York to discuss needs, wants, and style, and to browse among 12,000 fabrics,” writes Silvio Calabi, author of our feature. “A two-piece suit starts at $6,500 and can be double that, depending on fabrics and features.” But what an investment! As Silvio writes, “It’s also true that you’ll never be satisfied with something less.”

Wearing such clothes makes you want to hold and shoot a shotgun of value, of course. Learn how to start a collection of fine double guns in Greggory Elliott’s “Become a Collector” in this issue. 

In “Travels with Easel” we journey into the world of en plein air painter Chris (C. D.) Clarke. “I paint the things that are important to me and that I truly enjoy. I don’t have a career so much as I have a lifestyle,” says C. D.

All this appreciating art really does build up an appetite—and Chef Charlie Palmer comes through with fantastic recipes to please any palate. Marinated Spatchcocked Quail, anyone? There’s art in that entreé, for sure!

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