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Vol. 7 Num. 1
Covey Rise

Vol. 7 Num. 1

Covey Rise



As we approach the holidays, many of you continue to brave the breaks and briers in search of upland birds. We applaud your efforts and hope the stories in this December-January issue inspire you to celebrate our traditions through the remainder of the season. Starting with this issue’s cover by John Hafner, the determined Labrador shows the same inspiration we’ve come to expect from our bird dogs on every hunt.

Beautifully described in “Season of Grouse,” Roger Catchpole traverses over 11,000 miles chasing various species from the Montana prairies, Maine forests, and the moors of England. “Whether it’s the inaccessibility of grouse habitats or the rarity of the experience, a force draws me to seek grouse-hunting opportunities,” he writes. This mysterious force will elicit an unmatched sense of passion for the uplands throughout the pages of this issue.

Marcus Janssen explores our gunning roots by revealing the “Two Gun Tango” of double gunning for driven game. As Marcus states, “Good double gunning is a skill that requires a sound understanding between both the shooter and loader . . . an experienced partnership has an almost rhythmic timing, not dissimilar to an accomplished ballroom dance.” Watch the step-by-step process almost literally shoot off the pages through the illustrations by Frederick Stivers.

We are reminded to live every day in a positive and healthy way through Oliver Hartner’s article featuring Executive Chef Rachel Hogan, whose days battling Lyme disease inspire her to have as many outdoor adventures as possible. Her holistic lifestyle helps her live one sunrise, one hunt, and one scrumptious meal at a time. 

Just in time for holiday preparations, Jordan Mackay urges us to refresh by the fire with a fine white wine, Fred Minnick parses through the brutal battle between vodka and whiskey, and Chuck Holland discusses how the Nicaraguan political turmoil may affect cigar availability. Through all this, Frank keeps our ethos in check, reminding us to be thankful for all we have this holiday season.

Take a break from life’s responsibilities, be thankful for our hunting opportunities, grab this issue of Covey Rise, and get lost in the upland lifestyle. We hope you enjoy!

Cover photo by John Hafner