Vol. 7 Num. 2

Covey Rise

Vol. 7 Num. 2

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    Covey Rise has set the high-bar standard for storytelling, and each issue is a book melding the words and images that evoke the totality of your upland experiences. Our stories unfold through poetic words on paper acting in concert with stunning color photography and illustrations. Our professional storytellers have a passion to communicate both innovative and classic upland tales.

    This February-March Covey Rise issue is a great example of our continuing standard, starting with “In the Shadows of Giants” by Reid Bryant. His intricate words describe how Ronnie Smith, Jr. and his family continue their own established standard for producing excellence in bird dogs. And this quote does nothing less than draw you in to learn what comes next: “As Ronnie, Susanna, Gage, and Reagan converged at the pasture gate to lay a course for the day, they too were teasing a tradition of fine bird dogs out of a rich past and into an unfolding future.”

    Continuing the theme of innovative storytelling, Marcus Janssen’s article on the famed artist Alice Arnold shows the power of stories told in a different medium. “Almost a decade ago, Arnold forged her identity in the sporting art world—portraying wildlife against plain backgrounds on raw linen canvases with lots of negative space around them. But the negative space somehow highlights the poised energy of our quarry species, and the twitchy, staccato movement you associate with red-legged partridge and pheasant in particular.”

    Conservation is always at the forefront of the Covey Rise agenda, and Fred Minnick’s comprehensive depiction of Ashbourne Farms combines conservation, fine cuisine, and the uplands all in one. Fred quotes the owner of Ashbourne Farms, Austin Musselman: “To bring back quail is really an accomplishment. Quail is our main interest, and what’s good for quail is also good for other nongame animals like migratory songbirds, and for pollinators like butterflies and bees.” The conservation-minded ethos of the Ashbourne Farms proprietors is also reflected in the food they serve and the mindset of the guests who set foot on their grounds.

    Our storied columns, once again, provide the framework for readers to further their upland lifestyle. Renowned storyteller, Ben O. Williams, urges us to capture our memories in photographs, David Zumbaugh stresses the connection between upland habitat and water quality, and Frank finishes with a heartfelt tale that brings us to tears.

    From the unique hunting adventures to the optimum updates on food and spirits, please enjoy this issue of Covey Rise, and rest assured that our standard for best storytelling continues.

    Cover by Lee Thomas Kjos

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