Vol. 3 Num. 4
Covey Rise

Vol. 3 Num. 4

Covey Rise


Vol. 3 Num. 4 – June/July 2015

As summer’s heat sets in, we begin to focus on the dog-training schedule. Running and working our dogs becomes an early morning endeavor or happens just before dark when the heat has subsided here in the South.  The focus is solely on training the dogs and watching these remarkable companions adapt to our requests and commands.

Robert G. Wehle spent his life raising and training exceptional dogs. He bred Elhew English pointers for more than 60 years and his bloodline of dogs became known in the reverse of his last name—Elhew.   In our feature “The Elhew Legacy,” we share with you the exciting next steps in this working-dog-breeding history.

In this issue, a new writer for Covey Rise, Miles DeMott, discusses prescribed burning— the danger and beauty of it, and the rewards of renewing habitat.

Writer Roger Catchpole takes Covey Rise on a spectacular UK grouse shoot with Atkin Grant and Lang Sporting at Coverhead Moor in North West England.

We also hope you enjoyed our first “Handmade” feature in the last issue. The value of how bespoke products are made is in the intricate details and the care, time, and effort that go into producing something. Just like making a fine shotgun, walking sticks made for the UK moorland terrain have a story behind the finished product. We’re sure you share our thoughts that learning about the process is as intriguing as the finished product is. We are excited to uncover these stories in the issues to come through our “Handmade” features. 

Writer Tom Keer enjoys a memorable shooting experience with Burt Spiller’s Parker while the Covey Rise team discusses Purdey’s traditional British walking sticks and their artistic flair to create products of artisanal value that showcase excellence and quality.  And we can’t forget about the quality of culinary expertise from Chef Scott Ostrander, who conjures quality at the Red Stage Grill in Asheville, North Carolina who spices up the kitchen with quail and waffles.

We have another unique piece to Covey Rise in this issue. Silvio Calabi travels to a Northeast hunt inside a Ferrari. Check out the case he makes to convince his spouse to own one—maybe it will work for you? Covey Rise celebrates the entire sporting lifestyle, and sometimes how you get to the sport is as enjoyable as the hunt itself.