Vol. 9 Num. 3

Covey Rise

Vol. 9 Num. 3

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    APRIL - MAY 2021 ISSUE

    Certain stories written in print and told through the pages of a magazine can capture our attention in an instant and trigger us to reflect upon special memories from days gone by. This issue of Covey Rise does just this, melding together the harmony of the hunt with the melody of our upland traditions to remind us what we behold to protect in our upland lifestyle.

    In “Fields of Dreams,” the Covey Rise team visited Grand Slam Pheasant Hunts in South Dakota to learn how Curt and Lorie Korzan built a paradise on the prairie from the ground up. Many years ago, the Korzans bet on pheasants for their livelihood, and their story motivates hard workers and dreamers who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals.

    The spice of hunting life is the libations we choose and the stories they recall. In “Libations of Legend,” Covey Rise contributors share their favorite recipes and the reasons why these beverages are special to the upland experience. The next time you are celebrating at the tailgate or around the campfire, mix one of these recipes to help you reflect upon your days afield.

    Collectors of double guns come with different practices and goals. Some have expansive collections, while are just getting started. Some collect to keep guns pristine in their homes, while others collect shotguns they like to hunt with. The story “A Call to Arms” examines these different types of collectors—Where you on the spectrum of shotgun collecting?

    When examining the outdoor experience, upland hunting and fly-fishing are often compared, but why? Both bring with them a romanticism and inherent respect for the quarry. From Burton Spiller to Norman Maclean, classic stories have been told in literature waxing poetic our love for both sports. The story “Philosophy Afield” dives into why upland hunters and fly-fishermen often coexist and what also sets them apart.

    Plus: A surprise to many hunters, standard poodles can hold their own on land or in water. If bobwhite quail are the king, then Mearns’s quail are the prince. Learn how to ensure a pleasurable first-cigar experience. Brays Island is conservating habitat and wildlife for the community and the landscape. And last but not least, Doc Blythe tells a vintage story about poachers and cattle rustlers to close out this issue. We hope you enjoy this issue!

    Cover by Andy Anderson

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