Vol. 3 Num. 6

Covey Rise

Vol. 3 Num. 6

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    Vol. 3 Num. 6 – October/November 2015

    Access to nearly 6,000 acres along the South Carolina coast, with fishing and wingshooting and use of all amenities, plus residential ownership of an acre of land, the October-November 2015 of Covey Rise welcomes our readers to the shared plantation concept of Brays Island.  Located outside of Savannah, Georgia, Brays Island Plantation is a private home for families who love the outdoors: fresh – or saltwater fishing, wingshooting, target shooting, equestrian sports, golf, tennis, and much more.

    Further south, Romona Brumby of Atlanta’s The London Trading Company handpicks clothes and accessories from around the world. We explore the unique concepts and “personal shopper” approach to her store.

    As we take a look at our favorite sporting dogs, author Nancy Anisfield takes an in-depth look into the Weimaraners breed that are known for their tracking ability speed, courage, and durability – and their drive to find gamebirds.

    Drawing from a lifetime of outdoor experience, Chef Chris Hastings prepares locally sourced food that’s synced with the seasons, honoring the place and traditions of the past.  We sit down with Hastings as he tells us stories of his childhood summers in South Carolina and his inspirations to begin his field to table concept. 

    We take a look at the handmade works of art over which Italian gunmakers Remigio and Elio Bertuzzi worked together to create a unique shotgun and an exclusive opportunity.  In contrast, crafting from a different texture, Montana sculptor Liz Lewis produces bronze sculpture with sporting and wildlife themes.

    Writer Sydney Lea gives an ode to the Main woods in autumn and celebrates the history of the state’s sporting camps.  Will this become your new hunting grounds for the Fall?

    Wherever the art and passion of your hunting experiences may take you, we hope that Covey Rise continues to enrich and fulfill you with knowledge and new occurrences.


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