Vol. 10 Num. 2

Covey Rise

Vol. 10 Num. 2

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    Upland hunting can only be truly and fully enjoyed among pleasant company, whether with four- or two-legged companions. The quantifiable successes of the day’s hunt will wither away, but the relationships built are what endure. This fellowship afield builds the foundation of our upland dreams. 

    In every issue, Covey Rise strives to help forge these relationships in all aspects of the upland life—traditions shared and memories made. Perhaps, that is what it is all about: to revel in a feeling shared alongside others, rather than your own personal gain. From a daughter’s first successful shot to a conversation around a campfire following a hard day’s work, this issue brings this fellowship of the hunt to fruition.

    An international household name, Jorge Padrón and his family have forged a legacy, honoring those that came before them and the generations to come. As the Padrón family hunts on a blistery winter afternoon at Otter Creek Homestead, they share life lessons, knowledge gained, and the values that helped shape their family empire.

    Chef Tyler Lyne translates his childhood summers spent in the mountains of Wyoming living off the land to his art as a renowned chef in the kitchen. Former students at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Tyler and his wife, Jennifer, are owners of Tasting TBL in Birmingham, Alabama, a chef’s tasting experience hosted in their home. They share the tradition of cooking and its primal relationship to the hunt while building a community with all who walk through their doors.

    Damascus-barreled shotguns have long been misunderstood, and Oliver Hartner, in “The Road to Damascus,” reveals such legend and lore along with years of personal prejudices that led him to a newfound understanding of these guns. He shares the intricate history and craftmanship behind them as well as practical knowledge for those who may want to invest in a Damascus gun.

    Jim McCann recounts his time in Alaska hunting sharptails in their ancestral lands. A tale of the chase, this story is filled with adventure, breathtaking surroundings, and the power of reflection for the creatures that inhabited this earth millenniums ago.

    Plus: David Zumbaugh teaches us about the future of lead and nontoxic shot for success on your days afield. Enjoy part one of our series on wine production from grape to glass, beginning in the soil. Finally, Frank A. Dog and Doc Blythe share stories of lessons learned with odes to fond memories and days gone by.

    Cover by: Lee Kjos

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