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Vol. 10 Num. 5
Covey Rise

Vol. 10 Num. 5

Covey Rise


There are many common threads running throughout each hunting trip we take: our beloved dogs, our trusted guns, and, hopefully, a bagged bird or two. However, no two upland experiences are the same. In fact, the chosen location for a hunting expedition often colors the experience.

In this issue of Covey Rise, Reid Bryant explores the hill country of Eastern Nebraska at Pheasant Bonanza before artist Walter Matia guides us across the USA in his wildlife sculptures. Take a trip through sporting history to learn about smallbore shotguns before enjoying the locally sourced food of the Scottish Highlands and finishing up with a scenic, father-son trip to the wilds of Alaska.

No matter where in the world your pursuit of the hunt may take you, there will always be something new and wonderful waiting to be discovered. Clear your calendar before reading; by the end of this issue, you’ll be ready to plan your next trip afield.


Insurance of Life and Livelihood: Achieve your upland goals at Pheasant Bonanza in Nebraska.

Walter Matia: The potential energy of art.

The Modern Obsession: Shooters of today garner a passion for smallbore shotguns.

From Highlands to Table: Learning the virtues of slow food in Scotland.

Return to the Izembek: Part I: World-class wingshooting and fishing on the edge of Alaska.


Cover by: Brian Grossenbacher