Vol. 10 Num. 6

Covey Rise

Vol. 10 Num. 6

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    Though we may be reluctant to admit it, we as human beings likely spend a lot of time thinking about all the things that we want. What would life be like if we put that much time and energy loving and preserving the things that we have?

    In the pages of this issue, we are reminded to take time to appreciate the things we love. Andrew Bogan marvels at the chance to hunt a full grand slam at Highland Hills Ranch, and Ben Randall teaches us to how to best utilize the early days with a new puppy before Oliver Hartner examines the passion behind putting on a live gun auction. We learn that a treasured family pan passed down through generations inspired the quality behind Butter Pat pans, and that the owners of Cane Mill Plantation are striving to conserve both habitat and the upland lifestyle we all know and love. Finally, we make our Return to the Izembek for part two of Andrew Bogan and his father’s remarkable trip to Alaska.

    If you love something, it’s worth putting forth the effort to preserve the quality of that thing, whether it’s as big as conservation and the upland lifestyle or as small as relationships with friends and family (dogs included!). Spend some time with Covey Rise, and then spend some time enjoying those things you love.


    Hunting Highland Hills: A fine combination of hunting and hospitality for wingshooters in Oregon.

    The Crucial First Month: Getting it right in the early days with your new puppy and building the foundations for the future.

    To the Highest Bidder: Understanding what live gun auctions offer to collectors of fine firearms.

    Cast-Iron Man: Butter Pat’s pursuit of the perfect pan.

    Wild Quail the Stoddard Way: Cane Mill Plantation and the path of progress.

    Return to the Izembek: Part II: World-class wingshooting and fishing on the edge of Alaska.


    Cover by Lee Kjos

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