Vol. 12 Num. 4

Covey Rise

Vol. 12 Num. 4

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    June-July 2024 Edition 

    The value of documenting our outdoor adventures is being able to look back at the memories we make chasing happy dogs, clever birds, and elusive fish. We do this to create and cultivate stories that will encourage you to spend more time outdoors as well.

    In this issue of Covey Rise, we learn from an eclectic collection of lucky souls. Tom Hall, who left us too soon, was lucky enough to curate a patch of dirt that will always whisper his name in the afternoon breeze. Lang Syne, his quail place in South Carolina, is a reminder of our common call to stewardship in our short time atop this blue ball, our aspiration to leave it better than we found it. Tom did that, and we should follow his lead. Mark Bollman, founder of Ball and Buck, affirms the notion that luck favors the prepared. If you’re going to spend more time outdoors, you might as well do so in clothing designed to see the journey through. Lucchese brings a history and functional art to the equation, and we toured the factory to witness the hands and faces of the generations of this craftsmanship. And how lucky would you be if you figured out very early in life what you wanted to be and say? Ella Sams seems to have drawn that lucky straw. As an artist in her mid-20s, she slays the dragons associated with the artist’s life and remains true to her quest.

    We round out the issue with wine columnist Jordan Mackay, who offers us a way to infuse a little mountain energy into an otherwise stuffy, lazy summer day; Dr. Sharon Albright, who provides knowledge on cruciate ligament rupture risk in the Labrador retriever; and conservation columnist Charlie Booher, who encourages us to pass along the sporting tradition of good stewardship.

    We’re all lucky, but you know that. If you’re reading this, you woke up on the right side of the grass this morning. We share a communion of sorts in the upland lifestyle, and it compels us to chase, to pursue, to live in the hope that the next covey is just over the hill. We’re lucky to have you as readers and friends, and for that we remain humble and grateful.

    Cover by John Hafner

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