Vol. 6 Num. 1

Covey Rise

Vol. 6 Num. 1

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    As wingshooting season continues to unfold from this year into next, we take time to reflect on all this year has given us and the many adventures we were able to join in—From chasing wild Valley quail in wine country to pursing snipe and woodcock in the Scottish Isles.

    In this issue we continue our quest for ultimate sporting adventures and travel down south to the Dominican Republic for Casa de Campo’s 30th annual Sugar Shoot tournament. In this story, we learn more about Pepe Fanjul and the Fanjul family, as well as his unlikely sportsman’s playground. We also head to Mexico in search of the black throated quail and enjoy traditional Yucatecan dishes with Chablé chef, Jorge Vallejo.

    We also spend time with a few personalities that make our ultimate upland passions come to life. George Hickox, a world-renowned dog trainer whose ability to think outside the box to solve a dog’s problems has owners from around the world attending his schools and workshops, and Clive Tyler, a Plein Air impressionist who depicts landscape and wildlife scenes from the Tetons at dusk and the marshlands of South Carolina to elk and bison in their natural habitats. 

    Returning to London for the next installment of our best gun series, we jump ahead in the best gun process to the final steps in creating the gun. In this issue, we explore the proof house and learn about a practice—to prove that all guns are safe for firing—that has been in place in England since the early 1600s. We also visit with the finisher who has spent more than 175 hand-on hours regulating and assembling various parts of the gun. 

    Along the way we bring you insights on efforts to save the bobwhite quail in Texas and Florida, a look at California Sparkling, an educated look at understanding cigar wrappers and the confusion behind it, and a love story between Jim Beam White Label and a 21-year-old Fred Minnick.  

    We hope you remember that our success is yours, our aspirations are yours, and our spirit is fueled by the enthusiasm you harbor for this lifestyle. Enjoy making and reflecting upon your own ultimate adventures throughout this season and the new year.

    Cover image by John Hafner

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