Vol. 6 Num. 4
Covey Rise

Vol. 6 Num. 4

Covey Rise



This lifestyle is about more than just how many birds are bagged. It’s about memories made afield, in faraway places or a field just around the corner, chasing a brace of bird dogs, and toasting a day’s harvest with good spirits and better company. In this issue, we delve into the heart of this lifestyle and bring you stories from experienced sportsmen and women from around the globe.

In this issue, we learn about everyone from Tom Moser, creator of Thos. Moser handcrafted furniture, to Lefty Kreh, a fisherman whose immense admiration for the outdoors and a fly rod culminated his life. Two men, from different walks of life, who ultimately shared a passion for people and the outdoors.

We also learn a little about the world of bluegrass and a lot about Harry Sparks, an architect by trade, a doctor of string instruments by passion, and a gun collector by fascination. We head to Nashville on what turns out to be an unexpected journey full of good music and fine guns. Speaking of fine guns, we also head to London to learn about one of the final steps in finishing the best gun, the color-case-hardening process.

To enjoy a bit of adventure, we travel to Flying B Ranch, on the sidehills of Lawyer Creek Canyon, and find more than just birds. We also head to Thomasville, Georgia, to visit with three ladies who are influencing the food scene at plantations across the South. They even share a few tips and recipes with us. We also get a full rundown on the quirky but loveable Bracco Italianos—a rare breed full of remarkable working dogs.

Along the way, we bring you insights on the state of the Farm Bill and how you can get involved with local and state conservation groups. As always we fill your cup with something refreshing, while we taste the 2015 Bordeaux and discuss why age matters when it comes to spirits. We also hear from our no-nonsense correspondent, Frank, and what getting a new puppy means for an old but reliable dog.

This issue is packed with the ultimate in the sporting lifestyle, and we don’t want you to miss out. So grab a drink, subscribe, then head to your favorite reading spot. It’s Covey Rise time.

Cover image by Lee Thomas Kjos