Vol. 7 Num. 4

Covey Rise

Vol. 7 Num. 4

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    JUNE - JULY 2019 ISSUE

    Summer is the season where our anticipation for the uplands becomes palpable—where the thoughts and feelings of donning our game vest or gripping our trusty shotgun become so intense that they seem almost tangible.

    And, this June/July issue of Covey Rise does nothing short of fostering that special anticipation we carry for guns, dogs, friends, and the hunt in the most remarkable of ways.

    Oliver Hartner starts by reminding us how special camaraderie is to the hunt—fireside after a long day, sharing stories as hours pass in the dark—in his article “Mountain Majesty,” featuring Primland in Virginia. “After dinner, a nightcap at the 19th Hole lasted well into the evening for many of us, and for others it stretched until last call—all of us grasping for a few last moments with new friends before having to return home . . . an intense spirit of gratitude occupied every inch of my soul—gratitude for the opportunity to experience such splendor and encounter such fine people,” Oliver writes.

    Our bird dogs are talented memory makers and storytellers who know the birds better than we do and are the reason we travel so many miles to hunt. This is exquisitely explained by Nancy Anisfield in her piece “Sensory Delight” where she takes a unique approach—asking writers Gregg Elliott, Reid Bryant, and Mike Halleran to spin their wordsmithing skills to describe the sounds, sights, and feelings that resonate from bird dogs and upland hunting.

    The recipe for a good hunt—one that embraces the challenge of wingshooting—is an intricate and soulful mixture of preparation, determination, skill, and finish. For Tim Kaulfers, head chef at Arista Winery, his recipe for a good meal starts in the soil and always brings with it a sense of nolstagia. In his article “Starts in the Garden,” Jordan Mackay quotes Tim: “To me, this is the best job. I get to help people become aware of what they’re eating and where it comes from, showing them how a garden becomes a meal.”

    This issue also covers artistic pioneers, such as author Guy de la Valdène, silversmith Clint Orms, and Alex Aranzabal of AYA Fineguns, and our columns from Ben O. Williams, Fred Minnick, Frank, and others never disappoint.

    While you take a break during this busy summer—hopefully with your favorite cold drink and a cigar—we hope you enjoy this Covey Rise issue—the stories will bring you to that special moment of reflection, thinking about the anticipation, camaraderie, bird dogs, and the hunt we all strive to experience in the upcoming season.

    Cover by Andy Anderson

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