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Vol. 9 Num. 6
Covey Rise

Vol. 9 Num. 6

Covey Rise


Simple acts can have a profound effect upon our appreciation for hunting traditions and where we go from here. Maybe it’s the inherent challenge presented by wild birds in wild places; maybe it’s the dichotomy between failure we suffer and glory we achieve afield; maybe it’s the undeniable connection with our canine companions; or, maybe it’s just the pure potential for what is to come for all of us in the future.

Covey Rise embraces the true complexity of these simple moments in the uplands, the ones that make up the beating heart inside the lives of the beautiful stories we tell. The simple times are the good times. And, we love them. We live for them. We celebrate them on these pages.

In this issue, we set the upland scene in rural Montana by featuring PRO Outfitters, from its grand history to the unique lodging and experienced guides. With yurts on the prairie, classic bird dogs, a rural atmosphere, and stories by the fire, PRO is the perfect place to get the Montana experience.

Ben O. Williams is the epitome of a true storyteller, and his superpower is that he is real and authentic. Nothing is as simple, yet as legendary, as taking a walk on the prairie with Ben O. Williams, and we honor the fact that he is still doing it at the age of 89.

Terry Allen double-times his talents while hunting woodcock and grouse in Canada with both artful words and stunning photographs. Women are one of the fastest growing groups of hunters, and we showcase the guns designed specifically for them.

There should be very few “unwanted parts” of a wild bird, and we encourage hunters to use all of them in the kitchen with recipes featuring gamebird legs. Ben Randall shows how the simple act of positivity pays for the potential of bird dogs in the United Kingdom.

Plus: Oliver Hartner discusses bobwhite conservation in Maryland. On Point provides the ultimate upland gift guide for the holiday season. And we discuss malt whiskeys and bourbon and cigars.

Cover by: Terry Allen